Aug 5

A jQuery Plug-in You Have to Know About

Christopher Casanova

jQuery is a coding language that is a branch from JavaScript. jQuery works like JavaScript where it’s used to help with interaction and effects with your development code.

jQuery is a technology that is catching on quickly and making websites more interactive and appealing. A feature that jQuery is best known for is that you can accomplish a lot with less code than what it would take with JavaScript. Most common jQuery effects are drop down menus, drag and drop elements, form validation and animations.

Image galleries are useful for portfolios, e-commerce sites, blogs and really any for anyone who would like to display multiple images on a single page. Listed below is one jQuery plug-in that you have to know about.

TN3 Gallery

TN3 Gallery is a great gallery plug-in for jQuery that includes slideshow capabilities. You can easily create amazing photo galleries and slideshows with slick transition effects, as well as multiple albums, CSS skinning, XML and Flickr support with a host of additional features. Best of all, there is no browser plug-ins required and is powered by jQuery.

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