Dec 11

Le Pet Boutique

Mark Hill
Mark Hill

At Le Pet Boutique, you can find all sorts of products and accessories for your pet. Handmade dog and cat beds, dresses, blankets and Furfection Naturals grooming products, all these products and more can be purchased instantly online and delivered promptly to your home. Treat your pet properly and with the right comfort for your home.

Le Pet Boutique contacted Websoul in order to have a website custom built. The companies vision was to showcase and sell all the products they offered, while maintaining the image of what animals are, fun and loving. Websoul implemented an account and shopping cart system that allows customers to quickly sign in and instantly choose what they would like to be delivered to them. The excellent products that Le Pet Boutique offers only helped accent the wonderful interface provided by Websoul, allowing for easy customer navigation and delight. Fortunately for all, the website was designed in three languages: English, Spanish and Deutsch.

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