Jun 4

Ivonne Ferrer

Christopher Casanova

Ivonne Ferrer has spent a lifetime finding natural alternatives to life’s everyday problems. Her wide-ranging exploration in the field of natural products, together with her passion for living a healthy lifestyle, lead her to open The Natural Way, Inc., a company dedicated to finding natural answers and healthy alternatives to what afflicts the human body. Passion and knowledge led Ivonne to find her own natural product line. Everything with the Ivonne Ferrer name on the label goes a through a rigorous ingredient selection process to make sure that it is 100% natural, 100% pure, and effective. It important to realize that it is not only the ingredients, but the mix of ingredients, that make Ivonne Ferrer’s brand so effective. Furthermore, Ivonne’s quality control standards are arguably the highest in the industry and no product leaves the laboratory without Ivonne’s seal of approval. Ivonne Ferrer has today become synonymous with natural products.

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