Nov 24

Glitter Jewelry

Mark Hill
Mark Hill

After 10 years in the jewelry business, Gary and Seema took their experiences to the next level and opened their own company “Glitter Jewelry”. Both accredited jewelry professionals from the Gemological Institute of America, they helped set the foundation for a professional and friendly work environment. Glitter Jewelry offers custom designed diamond jewelry, great values and exceptional service. They pride on building friendships and providing the best customer service possible. Glitter Jewelry goes the extra mile and meets the desired needs of each customer everyday.

Glitter Jewelry was in need of an online gem that would shine as brilliant as their products do. In line with their products, Glitter Jewelry asked Websoul to design a stunning website that would be able to showcase their catalog of items. After much hard work, Websoul constructed a mature and elegant website that brilliantly displays Glitter Jewelry’s array of items. Just like their perfectly cut Diamonds, Glitter Jewelry’s website is sure to out-glitter their competitors for years to come.

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