May 25

Fazenda 4 Cantos

Christopher Casanova

Fazenda 4 Cantos is an exclusive stay located at Pantanal´s core. It is 156 miles far from Corumbá. Pantanal is a swamp that features permanent inundation. It is quite often regarded as the world’s largest wetland. Due to the rainy seasons the amount water increases and the waters go down a bit when the seasons change. They have a unique history and are the third generation dealing with the land in PANTANAL NHECOLANCIA. Their guests include biologists, undergraduate and graduate students searching for the best that Nature has to offer. Activities include off road trips, horseback riding, piranhas fishing, bird watching, boating, and night wilderness trips.

In order for everyone to witness what Fazenda 4 Cantos has to offer, they sought to Websoul. Websoul was asked to design a simple, informative multi-language website that depicted the area as well as informed the customer about the location and the activities that are offered. The elegant and simple design of the website is complemented from a gallery section, displaying jaw-dropping images of the nature location. For more information, click here