Jul 26


Christopher Casanova

ELEVENXVII Clothing represents a global lifestyle. With ELEVENXVII Clothing serving as the initial launch pad, ELEVENXVII Clothing realized its creative culture far beyond the realm of fashion and music. ELEVENXVII Clothing maintains a focus of providing clever innovation in fashion. Inspired by Randy Anglin, ELEVENXVII Clothing will expand its brand through ONZEXVII and also E17. By incorporating ONZEXVII into the ELEVENXVII Clothing style, the brand will expand its appeal beyond the national borders and will become a brand of some significance. ELEVENXVII Clothing marketing strategy continues to show their target consumer that they are not about following but about leading.

ELEVENXVII Clothing approached Websoul with wanting to redesign their website showcase and expand its brand and clothing line. ELEVENXVII Clothing was looking for an effective way of displaying its new line not only locally, but globally. Websoul created for them a Ecommerce application that reflected the style and appeal they brought to the industry. ELEVENXVII Clothing website was designed to allow the client to shop online through the catalog they created based off Artist’s Designs. In creating this site, Websoul successfully implemented a way for ELEVENXVII Clothing to market the brand they designed globally and also to increase sales by offering online purchases. ELEVENXVII Clothing’s website is a modern, user-friendly design that appeals to clientele and allows users to easily search for products, videos and blogs Check them out HERE!