Dec 7

Crysalli Artisan Water

Mark Hill
Mark Hill

Western Pacific Distributors has introduced to the food service equipment industry Crysalli Artisan Water systems. Their mission is to provide both the food service industry as well as individuals the means to produce high quality still or sparkling water while having ZERO impact on the environment. Crysalli Artisan Water Systems can eliminate 100% of the plastic and glass bottles you are currently using.

Crysalli falls under the specialty beverage equipment category and is designed to dispense sparkling and still filtered water at a very cold temperature. Providing everyone from restaurant operators to households the ability to serve bottle quality “artisan” water from the municipal water plumbed to their building.


Crysalli came to Websoul with one goal in mind, which was to design a simple word press application that will display what they have to offer. Websouls response was to create a beautifully designed, custom website that not only reflects the companies image and product but also provides a “easy on the eyes” feel to those seeking service. By keeping a simple and sleek design synonymous with their product of artisan water, Websoul has help spread the vision that Crysalli intended.

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