Oct 26

Alphatec International

Mark Hill
Mark Hill

From the beginning, Alphatec International, LLC was created with the concept of excellence through impeccable levels of quality, low cost, quick delivery and seriousness. As a state-of-the-art products and services provider, Alphatec International, LLC offers products including cell phones, accessories, media, memory flash, printers, monitors, tv’s, laptops, and cctv. Alphatec International, LLC, a US-based company, was funded and supported by Casablance Investments Group and Alfa International, companies with several years in the technology and investment industries. From well recognized product manufacturer’s to large and medium distributors and retailers, their key customers are mainly located in Latin America and Southeast US, but also have strong commercial links with companies in Africa (e.g. Algeria) and Asia (e.g. China, Hong Kong).

Alphatec approached Websoul looking for a standard OS commerce website in which they would be able to sell and distribute their electronic products to a growing clientele. By integrating a search function and a means of categorizing products, Websoul created a user-friendly website allowing clients to shop for products by Categories or by means of the search function. Websoul completed the website in two language formats, English & Spanish, to attract diversity and to better assist customers who may not be fluent in one or the other.

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