Oct 20


Christopher Casanova

Looking for make your office building more attractive? Want to add more privacy to your home? Whether it be commercial or residential, Arquimides has a solution for for window tinting needs. With over 22 years of experience, Arquimides offers only the best quality in film for installation of your tints.

Window tinting can radically enhance the look and feel of you building. Arquimides provides tints that can reduce the heat of your office by 80%, saving you plenty of money in the cost of A/C. Tinted windows also provide benefits to your home as well. In addition to reducing heat, tints can add privacy to your home. They sought to Websoul to assist them in attracting an array of client across the nation. Websoul was given the opportunity design and captures some of Arquimides’ finest work.  Arquimides was designed with a sleek appearance and a simplistic interface that will allow anyone to quickly and easily inquire about the services they offer. Their website show others the difference that window tinting can offer.

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