Oct 21

Why use Linux Hosting?

Christopher Casanova

A common question amongst those looking for hosting options is what hosting platform should they use, Windows hosting or Linux hosting. Though one can point out several advantages over the other, Linux hosting takes up a huge margin the web hosting market. It is a widely used platform and chances are the majority of the sites that you visit are probably running of Linux servers. I will describe several key points why you should make your web hosting platform run on a Linux server. These points include its cost and availability, safety and security, and compatibility with other technologies.

Open source

One of Linux strongest attributes is that it is a open-source operating system (OS). This means that anyone can go and download and install the operating system on many different machines for free. More importantly, you can change the source code of the OS and suite it to your liking. Linux is based off of Unix and therefor includes all the Unix tools and utilities. Best off all, Linux is supported by a huge community and has hundreds and hundreds of software readily available, for free!

Security and Stability

If your looking for the most secure OS, looking no further then Linux. It has been proven to be a very safe and secure environment. It uses a file-based permission system to grant access files and folders to a select group of users. This prevents unwanted users from modifying important files. Linux also has very few viruses compared to Windows. It is has been estimated to have 50 known viruses. Where as, Windows, on the other hand has an estimated 70,000+ known viruses. Stability is also a strong feature of Linux. It is a very stable OS and doesn’t need to be rebooted periodically due to issues such as memory leaks.

Language Support

Linux is highly compatible with other open source technology. PHP is a very popular scripting language that is fully compatible with Linux and that is used on many well known websites such as Facebook. MySQL is a open source database technology that work well with PHP. MYSQL is useful database for doing things such as search engine optimization on other sites and website maintenance.

These key components help establish Linux as a dominant choice in the web hosting industry. With open source technology, safety, stability, and great language support, I certainly hope this article informs you why you should host on a Linux sever.

Christopher Casanova is a systems engineer for WEBSOUL . To view further information and helpful tips on system administration, view his blog at CHRIS’ WEBSOUL BLOG.

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