Oct 31

Why is usability important when desiging a website?

Adriana Carrillo

A website is a window to everyone’s eyes.  There are many popular website but with really bad designs. This website have too much or too little information and they users usually gets lost in the middle of the process.  This is the main reason why usability should be use since the begging of the conceptual design. Because if you attend to redesign a website using the concept of usability is going to be extremely expensive and time consuming.

This is why is extremely convenient and beneficial to build a website using the usability concepts. You will increase user satisfaction, increase productivity, reduces long term development cost, word of mouth ( increment in customers) and revenue,

The website should be easy to use, navigate,  not too much scrolling, picture and text size should be visible and easy to read. When you are planing on design a website make sure you follow the following steps:

1. Clean and simple navigation.

2. Keep the content clear and simple

3. Support your brand

4. Provide visitors feedback

5. Test the site on real users.

It is also really important to follow the usability methods and standards to have a website that it is easy to user and navigate. If are able to accomplish this, you will have more visitors on your website and this increase the amount of future sales and profit your will make.  So remember, users/clients should be involved in every step of the design concept, do not sacrifice usability to reduce the scope of the project.





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