Oct 25

What is Ecommerce?

Adriana Carrillo

E commerce.

The definition of e commerce or e-business consist on the process of buy or selling products on the Internet. This process has the same amount of work as to a physical store. You need to know what type of product you are going to sell, how to market the product in order to have the best possible profit, what type of strategies you are going to use to promote your product, where/how are you going to market, and find the correct place to sell it.

E commerce can take place between B2B (This is call Business to Business ) , B2C This is call Business to Consumers) or C2C (Consumers to Consumers.) B2B is the transaction business from one business to another business via the Internet. Business exchange information in one way or another that results in transaction.  An example of a transaction for b2b point of view is: requesting a quote, Set up a new account, requesting status information.  This is an example how a manufacture business can be aware of their inventory levels, get real time quote from the suppliers, and have their distributors get involved in the process. On the other hand, Business to Consumers is the type of business conduct by companies such as Amazon. com. The sale or purchase of these transactions is done electronically and in real time. The last C 2 C is an example of auctions site works. The customers are in charge in making the transacion with another customers and noneone else gets involve in this process.

The benefits of e commerce is that reduces the cost of labor, reduces the time, it is extremely flexible,  it has a tremendous opportunity to expand your client to new a various locations geographical locations. A good example of how electronic commerce works is Ebay. This particular selling channel has transform they way business is done on line. This particular store has been the primary bases for e commerce transaction for many many people around the world. If you have a unique product with a very small niche you are likely to do very well online.

In order to sell online you need the following components: you need to create a website, you need a domain name, you need to purchase hosting, you need to decided if you are going to sell independently or if you re going to be part of one the cybermall like ebay or amazon. Also you need to have a payment gateway such as Paypall that offers credit card or bank payments.

No matter what what channel you choose to sell online. You have to know the market and study your competitors and your niche. If you do your homework well. You will suceed online.









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