Oct 21

Should I sell online?

Adriana Carrillo

This is the question everyone is asking these days.  Selling on-line  is a hard hard work. You need to do reach and find a specif niche. If you star selling what everyone else is selling. You are going to encounter a few frustrations and disappointments. The market is already saturated with these products and in order for you to make any profit you would need to buy in huge quantities.

There are million of consumers out there and lots and lost of companies competing for their attention.  You need to work extra hours and put the extra effort in order to make it work. The good news is that it is a lot cheaper than renting an office space.

The web give you the flexibility to sell your idea to tons and tons of customers around the world and the positive things is that you do not need a lot of money to get started it.

Research has indicated that women buy more products than men. So if you sell something appealing to women it is more likely to sell.  In addition, someone that works with computers is likely to buy anything that it is computer related. The key to the success on the Internet is to find that specific niche.  If you niche is small enough you can dominated.

One way to dominate the niche is to be the manufacture.  If you are create and like to invent , you might have a great opportunity to sell something unique in the web.

Most importantly you need a website to sell and a point to sell your products. If you are planing on selling individual, you need a website that it is easy to navigate with high quality pictures that show cases your products.  You need to star marketing your website in different channels for instance forums, bogs, social media website (Facebook) and do a web marking campaign  to put your website on top of the search engines results. Another option is to open your store on ebay amazon or yahoo and star selling your products to these points of sell.

Whatever is your final decision, the important thing to remember is that you need to work hard and you will get compensate in the long run.








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