Aug 5

How to Improve Your Google Ranking

Christopher Casanova

Perhaps one of the most effective ways for a website to become known is to have a high Google ranking. Sites with high Google rankings and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.

With millions of people using the Google search engine, it is essential that your site maintains a high Google ranking. From a business standpoint, a high rank in the search engine results can lead to increased exposure and eventually lead to an increase in revenue. While social marketing beginning to take off, search traffic still cannot be counted out as it is still a key factor in the internet traffic world. Of course, achieving the top spot in web search marketing is easier said than done. It generally takes a little hard work and more importantly—time. You should certainly not rely on search engine results for building your online business, it definitely is still a large piece of the puzzle. What follows are three tips to help increase your exposure in the search engine results.


A blog does two key things in terms of optimizing your results in search engines: 1) Adds naturally occurring, keyword-rich web pages. 2) Increases the probability for incoming links from top of the line websites. Best of all, a blog is by far one of the easiest ways to build quality incoming links to your website. You will see a huge rise in rankings once you do start building just by taking a bit of time to invest. All it will take is 30 minutes a day to find a new blog, comment on others you have already found and all around participate in the blogging community. This will show a genuine interest in the content of the blog will make your eventual comments seem even more genuine.

Social Marketing

It’s impossible not to notice how much of an impact websites such as Facebook has had on the social networking world. While this type of marketing is still very new, it should by no means be ignored. By building on social networks, you not only increase your exposure to a worldwide audience, but you are also increasing the amount of backlinks that point back to your website. Facebook and Twitter are twp most popular social networking marketing platforms available today. Not only can these platforms begin sending you insane traffic but the authority you gain by having your links come from these pages is beneficial when Google starts ranking you within their pages.  Without a doubt, social marketing is crucial in the search engine optimization strategy.

Writing Articles

One can definitely count on Article Marketing to be one the best strategies that you can utilize when it comes to building your Google ranking. This would require you to write several articles and submit them to the various article directories to build top quality backlinks to your site. When writing your articles, it is best to aim for anywhere between 500 to 600 words long and contain the keywords you want to rank for. Anchor text is also a key factor in getting the most search engine optimization out of your articles that links back to your website.

That’s only half of the process. You will now need to rewrite your article so that it is completely different than before and submit to article directories like ArticleBase and Ezine. You would want to do this because to spread your written article on all of the article sties that Google gives authority to. After a month or so, you will definitely see your site increase in ranking

Be sure to follow these tips if you are serious about getting ahead of the game and want to your Google website ranking. Of course there are still many ways to go about increasing your rank such as on page search engine optimization, link velocity and keyword density. However, these tips provide a great foundation to build your Google website ranking.

Christopher Casanova is a systems engineer for WEBSOUL . To view further information and helpful tips on system administration, view his blog at CHRIS’ WEBSOUL BLOG.

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