Nov 8

Google + vs. Facebook

Adriana Carrillo








Google + is the new social media that intents to take over facebook. But this time Google claims is better than facebook.   But which is better and why? or are they the same?  Google + gives you the control to share your personal information to who ever you think you should have the right to know it.  Some people share every single detail about their lives and for some of the people who are friends of these individuals is some time annoying.  The great part about Google plus is  that you have the ability to share your thoughts with different types of groups you create. Not everyone of your friends will be able to view your thoughts or your opinions.

But how do you get started? you can beginning  by selecting people you know from your gmail account, and then you will place them in a specific group and the best part is that you can pick or choose what those circles can view. Google + has the ability as well as of facebook to get information on the live feeds ( Google Plus calls it “Stream.”) If you are done with your work and you want to see what your friends are saying simply switch over and see what’s going on with your friends.

Another benefit is that has group video chat (Hangouts) and do search inside this social media for a wide variety of articles or information related to a topic of your choice. You can also share videos and music with your friends at the same moment.

Another feature that you can “Suggested Users,” this is some what similar to twitter from which you can view status updates of famous people. In addition, if you have a android you can install take a picture and it will automatically upload into your private album and then you will have the ability to share with whomever you wish to share it.

Gmail is actually really cool, it let you import all the contact information from yahoo, hot-mail and of-course all your content on your email account. You can click and drag your contact depending of the different groups you are created. It is really user friendly and super easy to use. One of the greatest feature is that is you used gmail account in your business, you are able to view on the top left side of the screen, the current notification and updates. You can also automatically share something with your circle of groups without having to open another browser or leave whatever you are doing.

Any business like to be related to what is going on with the latest gadget or technology. This is practically new and business should take advantage of this tremendous opportunity. Now a days is extremely important to have social media exposure to portals such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. No matter which of these two Social Median Giants wins the game at the end the important thing is privacy and that you must be part of these social media portals in order to compete in the market.







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