Oct 28

What is an Enterprise Application?

Christopher Casanova

An enterprise application is a software that a business or organization would use to assist in solving enterprise problems. It’s quite common to think that an enterprise applications are only suited for large businesses. This is actually not the case as they can be a solution for any business or organization, regardless of size. This kind of software is typically used exclusively within the organization and not used by outside individuals, unlike retail software. These applications can provide services such as automated billing system, event planning, content management system, on-line testing simulator, online shopping catalog, etc. They are usually quite complex and critical to the organization. At the same time, they are also user-friendly, database-centric and have high requirements in terms of user-access, maintenance and security.

The development of enterprise applications can either be designed and deployed in-house by a specialized IT development team within the organization or through an outside development team. Though, an enterprise may have the application fully or partial developed through third-party and bring it back in-house for deployment. One of the most common approaches to an enterprise application service providers (ASP). Here, the enterprise application is designed by a third-party and then leased to the organization, as a hosted service. This is also often known as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or a Web-based application.

During development, the team that is designing the application is careful to satisfy hundreds or thousands of requirements that are set by the organization. Every development decision that is made is carefully analyzed to satisfy each requirement and that it doesn’t affect other requirements. In order to simply the development process, the requirements are usually organized into small sets of distinct, interdependent categories and then accompanied by an explanation of how each requirement interacts with other requirements. This helps the development team and the organization make betters decisions in terms of development. Websoul offers custom solutions to your organization’s enterprise application needs. We offer designs that are that is unique and strictly tailored to the requirements of your organization and market. That means that the look and feel of your application is built from a clean canvas, and not a knockoff of someone else. We offer web applications on nearly any device with internet access, including iPhone, iPad, and Android. For more information about enterprise applications, click here. For more information on one of our existing enterprise applications, click here.

Christopher Casanova is a systems engineer for WEBSOUL. To view further information and helpful tips on system administration, view his blog at CHRIS’ WEBSOUL BLOG.

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